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I’m finished reading The Wives of King David by Jill Eileen Smith. This collection of three books was enjoyable to read from start to finish. The first book in the series is called The Wives of King David Book 1: Michal about the daughter of King Saul. While her father appears to have symptoms of bipolar disorder, Michal’s husband is an abusive spouse. The pages of this novel explode with energy, as Michal explores her options as well as he feelings for King David. Based on biblical fact, this novel recreates the scenes of scripture into a dialogue of emotions. David’s wife deals with her own fear, anger, bitterness, faith and love.  As her character evolves, and her love flows, her husband the king moves another wife into his household. See how the royal court is organized, how the wives are treated by David, and how David remains faithful to the Lord. You’ll want to read this book before the rest, and watch David mature along side his many young wives. I’ve read all three books in The Wives of King David Series and each one has it’s own unique perspective of King David as viewed through the eyes of his wives.  My Amazon Rating 5/5

In the second book, The Wives of King David Book 2: Abigail, by Jill Eileen Smith the pages of scripture come to life in a novel form. Abigail, the main character, faces many trials of faith. The novel about Abigail is fiction based on biblical facts and includes many scripture verses throughout the story. It’s fascinating to read about a character in the bible, from a novel perspective. From the clothing on her back, to the food on her table and the dust in the street-every detail of living in a Biblical times is described in this book about Abigail. The author has a way of taking the ordinary and creating something beautiful, such as the uncomfortable moment on page 199 where Abigail waits for an answer from David. “Crickets and the whisper of wings moved in the air around them, breaking the silence” writes Jill Eileen Smith. Can you just imagine this type of silence…wow!I could just envision little flying insects and the stillness of the night. In one chapter of the book, King David is singing a Psalm about his child, with words pulled right out of scripture. While reading this novel, I often felt myself in the middle of the setting, watching David sing, and waiting for the next line in the story. In another memorable chapter, the author writes “David lifted his hands toward heaven, his lashes glistening with unshed tears” (page 261). These words soften my feelings towards David. Like many readers, I too was offended by his numerous wives and practice of polygamy. Yet the author wrote her novel based on scripture, and David’s addiction to women was part of this story. More importantly than his fault, is Abigail’s attitude and approach to his actions. My Amazon Rating 5/5

The Wives of King David Book 3: Bathsheba, by Jill Eileen Smith is the third book in this series about the life of David. The author brings the characters to life with detailed imagery and creativity, as she takes a biblical story and gives it life through her words. This story begins as Bathsheba is bored and lonely, yet a faithful servant to both her husband and God. When King David commands her presence, she falls into temptation and spends a night with her king, a crime punishable by stoning to death. A child grows within her, and the king must protect both the child and mother without losing the respect of his people. If you are versed in scripture, than you know how this story ends. Bathsheba reveals the depth of God’s grace and forgiveness. Author Jill Eileen Smith brings emotion to the biblical story, placing the reader at the center of the time period and customs. I enjoyed reading about the clothing, food, banquets and even funeral ceremonies as they came to life in the book. I also enjoyed the sense of loyalty and conflict within the characters. My Amazon Rating 5/5

Author Bio: Jill Eileen Smith has more than twenty years of writing experience, and her writing has garnered acclaim in several competitions. Her research into the lives of David’s wives has taken her from the Bible to Israel, and she particularly enjoys learning how women lived in Old Testament times. Smith lives with her family in southeast Michigan.

I purchased book one from Amazon, and received an advance copy of book 2 and 3 from Revell Books for review.

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  • Sarah says:

    This series sounds great and I will have to add it to my to-read list!

    I love books that take a well-known story and give a different perspective. I’m currently reading A Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers and really enjoyed the Tamar story. Another book I really enjoyed was Havah: The Story of Eve by Tosca Lee.

    Because a different viewpoint can make something make sense to us, books like these can open a whole new world to us.

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