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I’ve seen author @ScottWilliams on Twitter and decided to read and review his new book Church Diversity: Sunday, the Most Segregated Day of the Week. His book addresses the topic of the modern church, segregated by color and race. Williams opens the discussion on church segregation and argues some of the causes of race and color segregation: community demographics, location, and social groups, to name a few. Then he presents examples of how to change the current segregation and populate the church walls with a blend of God’s people. He uses many examples from his leadership role at and from his personal experiences. Williams writing style is well-educated and informed, citing many references to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and inserting quotes from Dr. King’s famous speeches. He also refers to modern church leaders such as Craig Groeschel and Bill Hybels. The book focus is in the church population and how the church leadership can address the issue of Sunday segregation, dividing churches by color and race. Church Diversity: Sunday, the Most Segregated Day of the Week would be a good book for church leaders to examine.  As Williams writes “this book is not about pointing fingers, but it is about speaking the truth and elevating the long overdue conversation of church diversity.” Are you ready to have this discussion in your church small group or with your church leaders?

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About the Author

Scott Williams blogs at and the Campus Pastor of the Northwest Oklahoma City Campus of Prior to ministry, Scott was a go to connector in political circles and at age 25, worked as one of the youngest prison wardens in the country. He is an avid blogger and a daily presence on Twitter.

Scott Williams Quotes

  • The shoe shine man said to me “It’s not a white church, it’s not a black church. It’s God’s church.”
  • Potential unrealized is just potential.
  • Embrace diversity. Don’t just tolerate it.
  • When there is an elephant in the room, acknowledge it.
  • The only way race will ever become a non-issue is if you make race an issue.
  • The heart of the leader and the heart of the church will break down diversity barriers.

My Amazon Rating: 3/5


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