Me, Myself and Lies a Womens Online Bible Study

Today we’re kicking off our first women’s online bible study for the year 2011. Before you begin reading from your workbook Me, Myself and Lies by Jennifer Rothschild, I want to invite you to pray. Pray specifically for the other women participating in this study, for God’s Presence in our study, and for His Word to speak to you personally. Pray for an open heart and mind, and for a commitment to spend at least 30 minutes each day with the Lord. Give Him your time and He’ll give you His. Be still before the Lord and wait patiently before Him. Psalm 37:7 NIV

The Women’s Bible Cafe is a place where we can gather online and study the bible together. This study is an opportunity for you to spend daily time with God, learn scripture, and connect with other Christian women. An online bible study is less structured than a church small group, because we are unable to see your workbook and keep you accountable to your commitment. You’ll need self-discipline to stay on track, or find an accountability partner and work as a team. When you draw closer to God Satan will do everything to distract you, redirect you, and discourage you from completing the study. When you stumble and get off track, know who the enemy is, and hold your ground.

This online group is made up of more than 160 women- new Believers, long-time Christ followers, first time bible study participants, seasoned bible study participants, pastor’s wives, church leaders and women seeking a church family. These women are from around the world- the United States, Mexico, Canada, Britain, Australia, Nigeria and Afghanistan. It’s almost impossible to find a church small group with a mix like this. What makes the online group unique is the absence of time zone restrictions. We can meet as a group anytime by simply visiting the Bible Cafe and posting comments or posting a reply to another comment. Day or night, the Bible Cafe is open.

The Details of Our Study

  • We’ll be reading from Me, Myself and Lies by Jennifer Rothschild. We’ll read a chapter a week, followed by a group discussion online.
  • Video or audio sessions from Jennifer Rothschild are available to enhance your study. Due to the expense they are optional and only the workbook is required.
  • The study is 6-weeks long.
  • We’ll “meet” once a week on Monday, where you’ll see a blog post such as this. At the end of the post you’ll see the discussion questions.

Assignment for this Week

  • Read Week One in your workbook
  • Download the Answers to the Viewer Guide
  • Listen to the Audio Introduction Session or Video Introduction Session (optional)
  • Listen to Session One Audio or Session One Video (optional)

Group Discussion

  1. Characterize your life in this present season using ONE WORD.
  2. If you could think of your heart and mind as a closet, how would you describe what’s in your current thought closet?

Author Christine Abraham

Founder and Ministry Director of the Womens Bible Cafe™ since 2009, Christine has led 60+ online Bible Studies for women. She completed a Graduate of Biblical Studies from Liberty University. She's an inspired writer, Amazon Top Reviewer and Blogger at LifeVerse Follow on Facebook

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  • Briana Newberry says:

    Im coming in way past late but its a start. Im Briana Newberry and I bought the workbook Me, Myself, and Lies a year ago. Started and begin to get distracted. So Im challenging myself to start back from the beginning and finish until the end. My thought-closet is not where it should be in Christ and im determined to get my mind back. So thanks alot for starting this online bible study. It is really what i needed to stay connected to the vision God has for my life.

    To answer the group discussion above:

    1.) I would characterize my life in this present season as CHAOTIC

    2.) If I could think of my heart and mind as a closet , My closet would be full of confusion and disappointment with no room for peace, joy, happiness, love, but most importantly GOD.

  • Ann says:

    I just wanted to say that as i was reading these comments I could feel the spirit of God moving in the lives of those who did and did not take the six week bible study class. Through his love God is changing the lives of many and building a new way of thinking. God is leading me to start this bible study class as well please pray for us as we begining our journey. I just started reading the book and i find that it would be helpful for men as well I plan on sharing it with my male friends in Christ.

  • Lisa C. says:

    I know you are currently doing this study, but do you think you will repeat it like you are the “Breaking Free” Study? I would love to participate in this one but prefer to catch it at the beginning. Thanks!

    • Christine says:

      Lisa, if we do repeat the study it would not be for at least a year. This study is easier than others and the daily assignments are about 20-30 minutes long. If you start now, you will be able to finish the study before we start Breaking Free or No Other Gods.

  • Irene says:

    Im coming in a bit late but I still wanted to participate from the
    beginning. . .

    1. Hopeful

    2. My thought closet is full of some good and some bad. Most of the bad comes from insecurity and fear of being left alone, fear of rejection. Putting myself down physically mostly and of not being accepted of not being good enough as a wife as a friend as a daughter, sister etc etc as a person in general I think. Always second guessing my own decisions and viewpoints kind of like not trusting myself to do the “right” thing I suppose. Doubt and insecurity are the root of the main “bad” things in there.

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