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Live in the Light, Hunt in the Dark is one of my favorite chapters in the book Lioness Arising, Wake Up and Change Your World by Lisa Bevere. The book begins with a vision Bevere has about a lioness and a scripture verse. As she meditates and prays over this, she begins researching the attributes of the lioness and relating her character to scripture. As the book is subtitled, Wake Up and Change Your World, the reader is encouraged from the first chapter to the last not to be a sedated Christian. Bevere uses her real life experiences in ministering to women affected by trafficking and encourages other women to stand up for the women, children and men of this world.

Two aspects of the book may be offensive to some, or at least make them uncomfortable. Bevere gives detailed information about the brothels she encountered and sheds light on the young girls and the clients of prostitution. Her references in the book are included to bring awareness to this cause, however a few may be offended by the visual descriptions. Another area of possible controversy is her conversations regarding submission and feminine divine purpose. Watch out if this conversation offends you, as she writes in the book, her intent is to push the envelope.

Although I did sense the church was presented in a negative manner, overall I found the book informative and encouraging and I would recommend it. Her story of the personal trainer had me laughing and fearing the gym! Some of my favorite quotes from the book include:

  • A hug is far more healing than a hello.
  • Spiritual busyness does not build spiritual strength.
  • We discover rest when we cease from striving.
  • When the time came the lioness roused herself.

In this book, you’ll learn to live in the light and hunt in the darkness, as you learn to unleash the lioness within.

I received an advance copy of this book from WaterBrook Multnomah in exchange for my review.

My Amazon Review 4/5

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  • rhea says:

    Ive been longing for these book to use it where God calls and place me here in the Philippines. Thank you for the review. Praying that God will provide me this book.

  • Tina says:

    Thanks Christine for the review!! I have been wanting to read it ever since I saw Lisa on Life Today. I am looking forward to it!!
    Great job!!

  • Peggy says:

    Thanks Christine for reviewing this book so well. I would never have chosen to read this but it is perfect for my mission here in Mexico and would never have know about it had I not read this great review which drew me in at the snippet to further read. I appreciate you, your ministry here and your book reviews. I just reviewed my first book for Book Sneeze. This goes well with our recent study on “The Invisible War”. Right now, I’m doing Breaking Free! God bless you and may 2011 be a year filled with many moments of unleashing the lioness within you! You already live well in the Light!

    • Christine says:

      Thank you Peggy. This will be an excellent book for you, because you can identify with the hearts of the women in the mission field.

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