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Waiting for the Voice of God

For the next few days, I’ll be posting about the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer. We’ve just completed the entire study under the leadership of Charmaine, and she has done an excellent job posting daily updates and verses for the daily lessons. While Charmaine was leading this study, I was leading 5 Conversations with Your Daughter bible study, and I missed this one. Since I missed the opportunity to participate, I decided to complete the study before we begin One in a Million on April 19th. I’d like to be on the same page as the rest of you, speaking the same language as we move into another Priscilla Shirer Bible study. So for the next week, I’ll be waking up earlier than usual for quiet time with God, my journal, my Bible and the voice of God workbook.

These blog posts will be a summary of my study and a link to the daily studies by Charmaine. I’m not leading this study, I’m journaling it into the blog and preparing myself for the new study. I’m also showing you another benefit of the Bible Cafe: you can start a study at any time, post comments at any time, and learn at your own pace.

Follow me, Follow Him. He’s ready for you to start your study, anytime.

Links for Voice of God Week One

  • Session One- Viewer Guide
  • Day 1- Preparing to Hear Him
  • Day 2-Waiting for God
  • Day3-Getting Ready to Obey Him
  • Day 4-Get Ready to Listen
  • Day 5-Put Your Faith Into It

This Week’s Summary

One of the most important lessons I got from this week’s study is:

  1. Be still
  2. Listen only to Him

It’s an important lesson for me, because for the last week, I’ve been sharing my “God talks” with others and this lesson clearly says not to. While my intent in sharing with others is for more clarification, God’s intent is for me to listen to Him and only Him. Is this pride, sharing with others that “God is speaking to me” or is it unbelief, asking others to explain His words to verify to me that He is really speaking. What is very clear from this weeks lesson is this: Shut up!

It is also clear to me that if I started this lesson when Charmaine did, I would not get the message. Bible study is between you and God. He wants you to read and learn when He’s ready for you to listen. He knows I need to hear this today, not a month ago. He knows I’m in a season of quiet and I’m willing to listen.

My immediate steps are this: find more alone time with God, get a journal and start recording our PRIVATE conversations, stop sharing these conversations. God is not saying “share this with others.” What He’s saying is “listen and obey.”

So if you get an email or see me post “I just had another dream” please just slap me! Christians are often too kind and unwilling to offend. It’s okay to offend me and turn me feet and my eyes back where they belong: on God, not on you.

Have I offended you?

Complete the Sentence

I know the Lord is speaking to me when……(please post a comment).

On my knees in submission to God,

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  • Bridget Haymond says:

    What a wonderful study! The discipline of quieting my mind and focusing my attention on God to just listen and write what He speaks to me has been life changing. I highlight the things that stand out and review my journal a couple of times a year to look for further confirmations and expounding for my understanding.

    I only submit my journal insights to my ladies group, who also practice listening and journaling, for the purpose of accountability. Between this and my dream journal, I have grown more attuned to when and how God speaks to me. My faith and the level of grace I live in have increased exponentially as a result.

    I’m so excited for everyone who is participating in this study.

  • Susan says:

    I, too, know it is God when it is something out of my comfort zone, or something I absolutely don’t want to hear. When I have heard it I initially think it’s like getting as Beth Moore says, that “God slap” . .. .It usually stops my course of action or thinking and then i just need to spend time, reflecting, repenting and seeking more direction.

    I am a journal keeper — -and looking back through them, especially when I need reassurance ALWAYS remind me of God’s faithfulness.

  • Charmaine says:

    You’re right. Keeping the journal like you do will allow you to go back and see how God brought things about when He only gave you piece by piece. If not for anything it can encourage you on days when you need to be encouraged. There are certain people in the body of Christ that have the gift of discernment also that are good spiritual mentors if something is unclear but only after you have prayed and consulted the Word. I used to belong to a 12 lady prayer group and we met every Monday nite for almost 10 years. After awhile it was plain what each woman’s gift was. It was really neat. I hope this makes sense.

  • Charmaine says:

    I know the Lord is speaking to me when I am hearing to do something that is out of my comfort zone and will require trusting Him through faith to do it.
    I also get a kind of shakey feeling or stomach turning. I know that doesn’t sound pleasant but it’s Him probably trying to wake me out of my slumber on a particular issue I need to confront or something I need to volunteer to do that I’m putting off. We are all unique, He made us so He knows how to get our attention–I am learning that I need to be “seeking” Him in “all” things and for all things. More of Him and most definitely less of me and maybe he won’t have to “shake” me as much.

    Christine–I do believe there are some things that God wants to stay between us and God alone and sometimes I think we get so excited that He’s speaking to us that we “do” want to share. Pastors share what they hear from God with their flocks. If we are sharing for edification of others I don’t see a reason He would not want us to share but if we are second guessing Him or hoping someone will tell us we didn’t really hear from Him then we are either in disbelief or disobedience. I think as you read on things will become clearer on this subject cause as yiou say, “this is your time to “hear””. I’m not offended but I have been known to be too kind. 🙂

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