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Womens Bible Cafe has been helping women study, connect, and grow since 2009.

Free From Bondage God’s Way Inductive Study Starts January 11, 2016

Joseph: The Journey to Forgiveness starts January 11, 2016

"The Masterpiece of godly character is chiseled over a lifetime of prayer and purposed integrity."

− Stasia Nielsen, Ministry Co-Director

"I never regretted allowing God to use me for His purpose and will. He pulled me out of my comfort zone and into His,"

− Christine Abraham, Founder and Ministry Director

"Sometimes we look for God in the amazing, awesome, miraculous moments, and we miss the still, small voice that God uses to speak to us through our everyday experiences."

− Heather C. King, Book Club Director, Author "Ask Me Anything Lord"

"Life is not easy, but when I seek God's will first, I can live victoriously."

− Sheree Poole, Inductive Studies Director

"I believe that prayer is the key to peace in my heart and home."

− Tina Cooley, Prayer Team Director

"quote coming soon"

− Sonya Morris Nelson, Ministry Co-Director